Why work with Boom Create?

Why work with Boom Create?

Choosing a graphic design agency can be a tough decision. There are a range of options you have and huge variation in the amount you will pay for the services provided. Large agencies offer a wide range of services and perceived security with a large price tag. Freelancers on the other hand offer lower costs but with higher risk and less stability.

So, why work with Boom Create? We would like to talk to through what it is we offer that makes our graphic design services unique.

Work directly with a designer

We have worked with many fantastic account managers in our time, however we here at Boom Create have chosen not to use them. We feel that you as the client should be able to speak directly to a designer, ensuring that the right conversation is had to get job done correctly. No middle-man, means no additional cost. Here at Boom Create, you pay for just the designers time.

We are scalable

We believe scalable studios are the future of the design industry. Large teams mean large wage bills every month, which means design rates are driven up. We have a vast network of friends in the creative sector across many disciplines that we call upon for expertise. We don’t employ them so our overheads are kept low, we bring them in when the project needs it. We can provide the same range of skills, ideas and services as larger agencies, we just grow when we need to.

We don’t pitch

Many design studios pitch for work. If they lose a pitch they are left with a deficit, and it is then up to the loyal, paying clients to make up for this loss – the same clients who have been put on the back-burner while the pitch work is prioritised. It doesn’t seem fair, and we don’t want to do that to our clients.


All of the above mentioned points allow us to keep our pricing down, we have lowered our overheads without compromising quality. The ‘fluff’ that you pay a premium for at other agencies has been removed as we focus all our efforts on producing high quality design that meets your needs.

We are nice people

We are friends with our clients. We believe that the closer the relationship, the clearer the communication, the better the work produced. We don’t have egos here, feel free to ask stupid questions, we wont judge. Prefer to discuss a project over a beer or coffee? Let’s do that.

So those are a few reasons why you might consider working with us here at Boom Create. If you had any further questions about us then feel free to get in touch.