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Black Peaks

Black Peaks at The Haunt, Brighton Here at Boom Create, prising ourselves away from our screens is a rare occasion, and is primarily reserved for instances of food, beer or sleep. This time however we ventured outside our studio and into Brighton’s thriving metal scene to watch upcoming local act ‘Black Peaks’ perform the final […]

Photoshop Combos

On our travels across the Inter-webs we discovered art director Stephen McMennamy and his collection of Combophotos. As keen Photoshop-aholics ourselves, we love mash ups of different photos to create bizzare, head turning imagery. Check out a few bits of his work here below and follow him on Instagram @smcmennamy

How graphic design can use priming to influence behaviour

How graphic design can use priming to influence behaviour Here at Boom Create, we have an obsession with the workings of the mind, specifically behavioural influence. We are huge fans of Derren Brown. His use of psychological persuasion and mind control techniques fascinates us and we love to look at the research that influences him. We […]

Beer or Burger? Support The Bison Arms Campaign!

We love a good crowdfunding campaign! There is nothing like joining forces with like-minded individuals to do something that otherwise, might not happen, or create something that might not have existed. This time it’s a subject close to our hearts (well, liver) – Beer! Burger Kings’s bid to take over a grade II listed site on East […]

Boom Create celebration

Why work with Boom Create?

Why work with Boom Create? Choosing a graphic design agency can be a tough decision. There are a range of options you have and huge variation in the amount you will pay for the services provided. Large agencies offer a wide range of services and perceived security with a large price tag. Freelancers on the other […]

Welcome to Boom Create Graphic Design studio

Hi, Welcome to Boom Create! We are a brand new graphic design studio based in Polegate, East Sussex, ideally positioned between Eastbourne and Brighton. We specialise in creating bespoke, eye-catching graphic design that is purposeful and considered. We love to approach projects using our research into behavioral psychology, ensuring we don’t just produce work that […]